How to Make a Capo

Don't want to spend 20$ on a capo?

Don't worry! You can easily make one yourself!
Just follow these steps and you will have a capo in less than a minute!

1. Go get 2 elastic bands and a pen or pencil.
2. Loop one end of one of the elastic bands around your pencil.
3. Put the pencil across the guitar neck on the fret you want, and loop the other end of the elastic band around     the other end of the pencil.
4. Make sure the elastic band presses the strings happily against the fret. (If they don't, tighten up your elastic band)
5. Do the same with the other elastic band to strengthen your selfmade capo.
6. Congratulations! You just made your own capo! Now you're ready to start playing your favourite hit song!

- Enjoy! -

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