Have you always wanted to play the guitar, but it didn't work out because you didn't have the time to practice or the songs you had to practice were boring?

Don't Worry!

On this blog I will post a few hit songs for you every week!
I can imagine you start thinking: "Cool, I wish I was able to play those hit songs, but I don't have time to practice all those difficult chords."

Well, I found the answer to that!

Not a lot of beginners know this, but you can transpose almost every song to some really easy chords. When I started to play the guitar I was struggling with some really difficult chords as well. But thanks to my experience in music, I knew that I could transpose those songs, so that the chords would become really easy.
I wanted to share this with beginning guitarists, so that they can immediately play their favourite hit songs, instead of playing those old and boring songs. In this way, making music is fun and according to me, making music has always supposed to be about making fun!

The only things you need are a Guitar and a Capo ( a capo is a device, that makes you able to transpose your guitar back to the original tone of a song). I you don't have a capo you can either buy one,or you can make one yourself with only one pencil and 2 rubberbands. Click here to go to my post: "How to make a capo".

So get your guitar, pick a song from my blog archive and I assure you; In less than half an hour you will be able to play your favourite hit song!

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