Whatcha Say - Jason Derulo

Capo on 4th fret

C:     x-3-2-0-1-0
G :    3-2-0-0-0-3
Em:  0-2-2-0-0-0
D:      x-x-0-2-3-2

wha- wha- what did she say
C              G
Mmmm whatcha say
             Em             D
Mmm that you only meant well?
well of course you did
C              G
Mmmm whatcha say
               Em              D
Mmmm that it´s all for the best?
of course it is

C             G
I was so wrong for so long
 Em             D
only tryin´ to please myself (myself)
    C               G
girl i was caught up in her lust
       Em                      D
when i don´t really want no one else
    C                   G
so no i know i should of treated you better
      Em              D
but me and you were meant to last forever

(The rest of the song just follows the same chord progression of C-G-Em-D the entire time.)

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